Figgy Pudding 4x 16oz

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Figgy Pudding- Fig and Spices Milk Stout - (6x4/16oz)
Adjuncts: Vanilla, Cinnamon, Fig Concentrate, Lactose, Cocoa Nibs, Molasses, Brown Sugar

With Winter creeping its head in the Bay, we thought it was about time we rolled out what could easily be considered one of our more ambitious desert stouts yet.  Based off the Yuletide classic dish that I don’t think anybody has ever actually had, for Figgy Pudding we’re throwing the kitchen sink with a combination of Vanilla, Lactose, Cinnamon, Molasses, Brown Sugar, and of course, Fig Concentrate.  Sweet and supple with just enough heat to keep it balanced, this is definitely what I would consider when I picture a Christmas Eve Stout.