Lawton Tap Room

Seven Stills X Hard Frescos: Lawton Taproom

We teamed up with the good folks at Hard Frescos and the Lawton Trading Post to bring you: The Lawton Taproom.  

What we do:  The Lawton Taproom is our new forum to experiment with our craft beer inspired shandy line in collaboration with Hard Frescos.  In addition to being able to sample our craft beers we will be offering limited release "craft beer inspired shandies" that are only available from the Lawton Taproom.  These "shandies" are a blend of between 90-95% of our house beers with 5-10% of Hard Fresco's fermented aguafrescas.  

Pineapple Guava Saison: A blend of our house saison with Hard Frescos Pineapple Guava aqua fresca.
Tamarind Session: Our session IPA blended with Hard Frescos Tangy Tamarindo aqua fresca.  

Coming Soon: Jamaica Dunkel: Our seasonal dunkelweissen blended with Hard Frescos Juicy Jamaica (ha-mai-ka) aqua fresca.

3645 Lawton St, SF 94122
(415) 340-3654

The Lawton Tap Room is located at 3645 Lawton Street in the Outer Sunset next to Andytown.  We serve breakfast burritos Friday to Sunday until 3pm and lunch after 2pm.  This location serves beer and wine only. 


CINCO DE MAYO: OPEN from 12-6pm
CLOSED @ 7pm for a private party

Monday: 3-10pm
Wednesday: 3-10pm
Thursday: 3-10pm
Friday: 3-10pm
Saturday: 10am-11pm (breakfast burritos until sold out)
Sunday: 10am-9pm (breakfast burritos until gone)