Seven Stills is a fully functional brewery and distillery capable of producing modern beer styles and all classes of spirits. Although our production schedule is near capacity we enjoy taking on new projects.


  1. Recipe Development
  2. Formula and Cola approval
  3. Brewing
  4. Fermentation
  5. Distillation
  6. Filtering
  7. Blending and Proofing
  8. Aging program (limited space available)
  9. Bottling

Bulk Spirits

  • GNS
  • New Make Whiskey (mashbill decided by customer) - Totes or Barrels

300 Gallon Copper Hybrid Still - Able to produce all types of spirits including whiskey and gin.
15bbl Prospero Brewhouse - State of the art brewhouse able to produce 15 barrels or 90, 5 gallon kegs per batch.

Wineries - Crush Season
We are able to receive pressed wine and pommace to produce brandy or grappa. California law allows bulk spirit to be shipped back to wineries for use in fortified wines such as port and for wineries to sell grape based spirits.