Bitters are the new spice rack for the modern mixologist. At Seven Stills we set out to take exotic and seasonal ingredients to help home and pro mixologists elevate their cocktails with a unique twist.

We source organic herbs, spices, roots, and botanicals when possible and always buy local.

Each of our bitters is made to showcase one prominent flavor, whether Prickly Pear, Cranberry, Blood Orange, or Meyer Lemon, and balance that flavor with a complex spice and herbal background that will shine through in a cocktail.

Our bitters are all hand made in small batches, so there will be slight variation from batch to batch.

Thanks for viewing our listing and enjoy!

 Like a well-cooked meal is enhanced by spices and seasoning a well-mixed cocktail is enhanced using bitters.  Bitters traditionally are a blend of herbs, spices and bitter roots used to treat sickness like indigestion, however have recently found their place in cocktails and are starting to emerge in cooking. 

To help you step up your cocktail game we have created these four exotic bitters that will add some serious flavor and a unique twist to your favorite cocktail.  Here are some suggested cocktails, but as a general guide try Prickly Pear in agave spirits, Cocktail in brown or aged spirits, Meyer lemon in clear liquor drinks, and Cranberry Bitters in Gin or any Fall cocktails

Anejo Highball
Bitter Handshake
Brass Monkey
Burnt Orange
Harvey Perfect
Long Hello


Pineapple Express

Dirty Water SF
1oz vodka
1/4oz lemon juice
1/4oz Ancho Reyes
Dash of Angostura
2 sleeves of cocktail bitters
*1 sleeve - 1 full dropper

Prickly Pear Fizz (non-alcoholic)

Shout and About, LA
1 cup soda water
1/4oz simple syrup
1/4 lime
2 sleeves Prickly Pear Bitters
Garnish with mint and lime

The Holy Ghost

Southside Spirit House, SF
1oz vodka
1/4oz lemon juice
1/4oz St. Elizabeth Dram
1 egg white
2 sleeves of cranberry bitters