Seven Stills makes whiskey from Craft Beers.  

The Core Series: The Core Series are our beer recipes.  We are attempting to make seven whiskeys for the Seven Hills of San Francisco.  Each is designed by a different local street artist.  These whiskeys include: Chocasmoke, Fluxuate and Czar

Collaboration Series: These are collaborations with other breweries and distilleries.  These beers are either brewed at Seven Stills with the breweries visiting us, or at their facility and trucked to us to distill.  We produce four collaboration series per year.  Each bottle is also designed by a local street artist. 

Experimental Series: These are test batches.  We are either trying to see if a beer works as a whiskey, or a brewery gave us some beer to distill.  These are available exclusively from our distillery and are all one-offs.  

*Bottles can only be purchased online by Founders Club Members.  Founders Club Members have first access to any of our whiskeys before they are released to the general public.  Membership is $300 per year and comes with six Members Exclusive Cask Strength bottles that you can have shipped or pickup at our Members Only Pickup parties.