Meet the Team

Tours, Events and Brewing

Seven Stills - Sam Hyland.jpg

Sam Hyland

Sam is our tours and taproom coordinator.  If you have any information about your upcoming booking or scheduling a small party at the distillery or Lawton Taproom Sam is there to help.  

Sam can also help with general inquiries.

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Ursula Cousin

Ursula is our private and corporate events planner.  If you would like to hold a team building event, private party, wedding or any other large event please contact Ursula.

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Rylan Ortiz

Rylan is our head production brewer.  He is in charge of brewing all of Seven Stills beers and the washes used for our whiskeys.


Seven Stills - Clint Potter

Clint Potter
Co-Founder, COO
Clint is the co-founder and runs all production and operations at Seven Stills.  He oversees the production of all of our beers, whiskeys, vodka, cocktail bitters, and contract projects.  

If you have any questions about upcoming production or are interested in producing at Seven Stills, reach out to Clint .

Seven Stills - Tim Obert - whiskey thief.jpg

Tim Obert
Co-Founder, CEO
Tim is the co-founder of Seven Stills and oversees all front of house operations, marketing, finance/accounting, Founders Club and events.  

If you have any questions about upcoming festivals, marketing opportunities, collaboration projects, or fun ideas you'd like to involve Seven Stills in reach out to Tim.

The Tasting Room @ 1439 Egbert

The Lawton Tap Room