Dogpatch: Whiskey Made from Almanac's Dogpatch Sour

Dogpatch Whiskey is our collaboration with Almanac Brewing Company.  For this first of its kind project we distilled Almanac's Dogpatch Sour, and aged it in new American Oak.  Since the sour flavor is lost during distillation we took the matured whiskey and finished it in Almanac's Dogpatch Sour and Dogpatch Sour Grand Cru barrels for three, four and five months. 

This is also our first release at Cask strength, i.e. 59.5% ABV (119 proof)

Roughly 400 bottles were released from each barrel and barrel 3 is exclusively available through the Seven Stills taproom.

Tasting Notes: Dogpatch is a malted wheat forward whiskey so the result is an incredibly light, soft, and floral pallet.  It opens up with hints of vanilla taffy, hops, brett-like funk, and a slight heat.  The whiskey finishes with a light, refreshing tart sourness, floral notes and very subtle dried cherries.