Chocasmoke:: Whiskey from a Smoked Chocolate Oatmeal Stout

whiskey made from stout

Chocasmoke is the first whiskey in our Seven Hills Series: a project to create a unique craft beer inspired whiskey for each of the seven hills of San Francisco. Chocasmoke is whiskey made from a smoked chocolate oatmeat stout and is our dedication to the Twin Peaks. Designed by local street artist Zio Ziegler, his bottle depicts a nude native woman to represent “Los Pechos de la Choca” – what the Spanish originally called the Twin Peaks.

The whiskey opens up with dark roasted aromas and sweet honey. Upon first taste you will discover rich chocolate, malted barley, vanilla and honey. The mouthfeel is silky smooth, and finishes with a subtle peat smoke to remind you that although inspired from beer, this is still a whiskey.

Since each whiskey is handcrafted in extremely small batches supply does not last long.  100 cases of Chocasmoke 2 were released.  Chocasmoke 1 sold out within one month so make sure to order now or sign up for our Whiskey Club to get access to the lowest numbered bottles and limited releases not available to the public.








Whipnose: Seven Stills X Pacific Brewing Laboratory – Whiskey made from a double IPA


Whipnose is the first in Seven Stills’ Collaboration Series.  For this project we partnered with Pacific Brewing Laboratory, located in San Francisco.  We started by distilling each of Pac Brew Lab’s beers to see if we could make a unique whiskey, and as soon as we tasted the whiskey made from their double IPA we were blown away.  Shortly after we brewed 60 barrels of Whipnose IPA, and distilled it into 165 gallons of whiskey, and aged it in new American Oak Barrels.

The name “Whipnose” aptly describes the whip of hop aroma this whiskey opens up with.  The taste is rich malt, dark dried fruits (plums, prunes), light vanilla, toasted oak, and finishes with a smooth, lingering maple syrup.

This project was a one-off and yielded less than 2000 bottles.  Make sure to get yours before they are gone forever!

Available online @ K&L 




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Whiskey Inspired By Craft Beer

Chocasmoke - Indogpatch

Photo Credit: Scott R. Kline

What makes Seven Stills whiskey so unique is that we use actual craft beer recipes to make our whiskey.  The first step to make a whiskey is traditionally to make a very low quality beer, and then distill it into an unaged whiskey.  We threw this idea immediately out and decided to make beers that tasted outstanding as a beer, and then distilled them into different whiskeys.

After spending months distilling every beer we wanted to try as a whiskey, we landed on our favorite: Chocasmoke. Chocasmoke is a chocolate oatmeal stout that we added roughly 20% peat smoked malt to.  The results in the finished whiskey are extraordinary.






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