The following bottles are available for purchase from the taproom.  Please book an appointment to purchase bottles direct from us using this link:

Please also be sure to support your local bar, restaurant, liquor or grocery store.  A full list of accounts that carry our products is available here:


Chocasmoke: Limit 6 per person per day - $36 (47% ABV)
Fluxuate: Limit 6 per person per day - $36 (47% ABV)
Whipnose: Limit 2 per person per day - $36 (47% ABV)

Taproom Exclusive:
KO Series Chocasmoke: Limit 1 per person per day - $45 (59.5% ABV)
Dogpatch Whiskey: Limit 2 per person per day - $45 (59.5% ABV)


California Courage: $26 (40% ABV)

Prickly Pear Bitters: $15 (45% ABV)
Cocktail Bitters: $15 (45% ABV)
Cranberry Bitters: $15 (45% ABV)
Meyer Lemon Bitters: $15 ($45% ABV)

Bitters Box Sets: SOLD OUT


For Wholesale Inquiries: Please email 

If you are looking to carry our products in your bar, restaurant or liquor store we are currently distributed in California, Nevada and Arizona by Pacific Edge Wine & Spirits and in Panama by Amano Distributors.